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Musical Performances

We are honored to include these talented musicians and hope you enjoy their performances during the limited time Encore. Additionally, you can watch select 11 Speaker Talks, Poet Conversations, and Event Replays during the Encore.

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Once posted, the music will remain available until the end of the Summit.

The music will remain available until the end of the Summit.

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Jami Sieber and Kim Rosen

Evocative electric cello and spoken word poetry.

Jami Sieber is an electric cellist and vocalist who creates evocative compositions that span classical, folk, rock/pop, and world music. Since launching her solo career, she has collaborated with various global artists across different mediums. Her compositions have been used in films, dance, theater, and even a video game. With 10 self composed and produced recordings, Jami’s music reflects her deep commitment to environmental, social justice, and healing arts.

Kim Rosen, M.F.A., is a poet, spoken word artist, and ritualist known for using poetry to heal and connect individuals and communities. She’s collaborated with cellist Jami Sieber on several albums, including her most recent Feast of Losses. In 2007, she founded the S.H.E. College fund to help Maasai girls in Kenya get access to college education. Her work often explores aging, death, and letting go.

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Oleaje Flamenco

An electrifying, passionate, and uplifting transmission of the authentic heart of Flamenco.

Will be posted on Wednesday, September 27 at 12:01am New York time.

Flamenco is an art form that emerged from the cultural crossroads of Spain in the 15th century, with a rich and complex history. It contains hundreds of song forms, or palos, all with their own character and mood. No matter what the palo, Flamenco is an expression of triumph over suffering, and full-hearted celebration of humanity with all it’s tragedy and triumph.

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Ron Artis II

All-original, soulful, and honest songwriting.

Will be posted on Thursday, September 28 at 12:01am New York time.

Ron Artis II, hailing from Haleiwa, HI is an award-winning artist who brings a unique, soulful, honest songwriting style to the stage, performing all original music and energizing audiences all across the globe. You’ll be sure to leave the experience feeling loved, electrified, and pondering the lyrics. Learn more here.

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